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Farm Visits

Our farm visits coincide with our Brown and Green tour events during the year. Brown Tours focus on what happens in the off-season and Green Tours on the winter production period.

During these events lectures and practical demonstrations are organized on topics such as residue retention, moisture conservation and pastures during the summer season in the Western Cape Province.

These events are scheduled during the winter production season and focuses on conservation agriculture practices within the crops planted and cropping systems practiced in the Western Cape Province.

Upcomcoming Green Tours

13 July 2017 – Langgewens Research Farm between Malmesbury and Mooreesburg

  • Disc Seeder Technology
  • N fertilization in wheat and canola
  • Tyre vs Disc Seeders
  • Cover crop utilization
  • Cover crop functional groups
  • Ryl grain management alternatives

Pre-emergent herbicides and disc seeders